Access the best success, personal development, health, fitness, business, and financial advice….all for FREE! Most plagiarism trackers compare student texts against websites on the World Wide Web, already-uploaded student papers (many teachers require all their students to upload assignments to the same plagiarism-tracking database), and existing publications.

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The Society followed the case and brought this case of plagiarism twice to the notice of Professor Deepak Pental, the Vice Chancellor of DU (now accused of plagiarism himself) but he did not inquire into or take any action on what was a clear case of plagiarism by a student who was on the verge of getting his PhD from the university.plagiarism checker

How to Check for Plagiarism Online

Rising concerns over, intellectual property theft” due to cyber-plagiarism, specifically from students, and content writers (bloggers, writers, and other professionals), has attracted a high degree of interest from educational and professional institutes, the world over, to design effective and innovative techniques to check for plagiarism all submitted work.

As you are writing a formal essay, then you have to make sure that the tone of your formal essay is also very formal because your target audience would be your teacher and classmates, you will have to show that you are professional in writing formal essays.